This phased approach sees Euro-City creating new foundations and reinforced concrete structure, underlying deep drainage, access roads etc while maintaining pedestrian and vehicle access.  

Client: Vinci
Sector: Commercial
Project: New Covent Garden Market Estate

Phase 1 - In this first phase we are creating new foundations and reinforced concrete structure for the New Covent Garden Market Security Lodge. Replacement of Access Roads and underlying deep drainage and services in sections whilst maintaining pedestrian and vehicular access all around and through workplace.                                    

Phase 2 -  In the second phase we are carrying out groundworks and reinforced concrete works for the new "A1" and "B1" Market Units which form the start of the replacement units for the entire estate. We are also carrying out all associated drainage, services and external slabs - all within the live market campus

Value: £3.3M
Duration: 10 years